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will you ever grow up? October 23, 2011

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If you don’t already know, no matter where you work, or what you do, there will be drama. The only time there wasnt drama in my (many) places of employment was with the Census Bureau.  BUT, I worked with mostly older adults and they were well above trash talking and lying.

So what do you do when you are being deliberately targeted for lies? It’s to the point where I just have to turn a blind eye and ignore it. I cannot keep stressing about it because the childish ladies will never grow up.

Here are some really funny things that I am accused of:

I am out to steal everybody’s job.

I talk about EVERYBODY and trash talk constantly.

I rat you out to management for stealing food and beverages. (hilarious)

Obviously some people are worried about losing their positions at the company if they are out to get me in trouble constantly. If you are confident in your work performance, you wouldn’t go OUT of your way to start rumors and make things up, would you?

Well, that’s just another day in the life of me 🙂 Tomorrow is another day, and another chance at success.. hopefully.


new haircut October 20, 2011

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As you all know, I have a bit of an obsession with my hair. Occasionally I have a bad hair day, but most of the time, it has to look just right.

Since moving to Georgia, I have had to find a new stylist. Working at Walmart and not really knowing any other cheap places around town, I decided to get my hair cut at Smart Style inside Walmart. My first cut was back in the beginning of September. I hadn’t had my hair cut since March. The poor girl had quite a work out just brushing my hair. She took of 3 inches and thinned it out. It felt GREAT! For 2 weeks. It went right back to thick and long.

The days are getting cooler and less humid, so I’ve been blow drying my hair almost everyday. I think 10 mins of solid high heat is pretty bad for my hair , so it was hair cut time again.

I returned to Smart Style with a picture on my iPhone of the cut I wanted. Amanda my new stylist is awesome. She has done a great job both times. She almost died when she say how thick it was already! Of course she has sold me on yet another product. Designline Enchanted Products. They smell amazing, enriched with diamonds, gold flakes and pearls! My hair feels so good and smells amazing! I will definitely be back on November 1st when they have the holiday gift sets containing a shampoo, conditioner and shimmer spray for just $20!

Just want to share with all of you how pleased I am with this salon.


what am i doing?

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dear everybody,

most of you are probably wondering why im doing this. well, i have alot to say sometimes. i would love to share with you my likes and dislikes. things im currently trending and things im not happy with. it will be of taste of course.

so please follow and check back often to see whats new and exciting in my life 🙂