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So FRUSTRATED!!! February 13, 2012

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Hello everybody,

Today I am so frustrated more than ever with a couple of companies.

1. Dish Network. I had the cheapest of packages. Dish America. It had just enough channels to keep me occupied while on my days off. I loved watching GMC, Gospel Music Channel. We they suddenly decided that it was going to be a “free preview” for about a month (it was posted on their website apparently), then the channel disappeared. They moved it to a higher package. I called them in absolute rage. They said well its been a free preview for a month and now you have to upgrade to get it again… umm… I said, ” **ck you! ”

Paul has been itching for the Speed Channel so he can watch all the NASCAR shows. We happen to look it up this morning to see what package it’s in. I planned on upgrading it for Valentines day so he can stop pestering me.. lol… While browsing the Dish Network site this morning, I discovered they are running a “free preview” of the Travel Channel now thru the end of the month, then they are taking that channel away from me too…. I mean seriously. Your that kind of company??? I hate Dish Network.

2. Petsmart. When we moved in, I purchased a bag of 9 Lives cat food for Buddy and Scatter. I had a coupon so that was the 1st bag of food they ate while living alone with us. By the end of the bag, I saw such a difference in the boys’ coat. It was shiny and thick. Buddy didn’t have much hair on his backside and it was thin and patchy. He grew all his hair back!!!! He looked sooooo good! When my grandparents visited, they couldn’t believe how soft and shiny their coat was. I told my grandmother, “9 lives!, That’s all I feed them”..

I received an email from Petsmart this morning. They will no longer be selling 9 Lives at Petsmart stores and online. WTF? Thats ok, I work at Walmart and they carry 9 Lives, I also receive my associate discount of 10% off a bag. So, SEE YA Petsmart. I don’t need to shop with you anymore!!!!

Good news, Walmart has cat food on sale this week for $8.97 a bag. Paul is already sitting in front of the TV enjoying our recently upgraded Dish Network Package. Its Speed Channel from here on out…

What are some companies that have frustrated you lately?